Aerobic Treatment Systems


HOOT Aerobic Systems

The First “Complete” system. Essentially The HOOT is a small municipal treatment plant. The patented HOOT@ Aerobic Treatment System is complete five-stage, one piece waste water treatment system.

The patented HOOT treatment process…

  • The Hoot treatment system is designed with four components: a pre-treatment tank, an aerobic chamber, a final clarifier and a chlorinator.
  • The pre-treatment tank, the first component of the system, begins the anerobic decomposition of the influent. it also holds any non-biodegradbles inadvertently added to the system.
  • The aeration chamber, the heart of this activated sludge sewage treatment systems, introduces oxygen by pump into the sewage. This aeration intimately mixes the materials of the sewage. The aeration intimately mixes the organic material of the sewage with the bacterial population, allowing the bacteria to attack and reduce the organic materials.
  • Any active sludge settling in the final clarifier chamber is reintroduced into the aeration chamber by sewage movement in the aeration chamber.
  • As solids settle in the clarifier, a clear, odorless effluent rises. This clear effluent passes through the chlorinator* for final disinfection*. The holding tank then stores the chlorinated effluent for discharge through the chosen method of disposal.

*Where required

Some benefits of the Hoot Aerobic Treatment System:

  • One-piece, single unit construction saves installation time and money
  • Computer controlled and monitored – verifies every components operating properly without opening the system
  • Easy access to every component of the system
  • Quiet, energy efficient linear air pump
  • Low cost installation and maintenance
  • Durable long life – made of heavy duty reinforced concrete
  • 4 year warranty on system

Protecting the Environment – HOOT proudly supports the American Decentralized Wastewater Association, the National Environmental Health Association and the National On-Site Wastewater Recycling Association to make a better environment.
Tested and Certified – by NSF International, according to the ANSI/NSF Standard 40-2000, as a Class 1 treatment unit.

HOOT Sewer Tank Diagram

  1. Pre-treatment tank where influent enters.
  2. Aeration chamber where oxygen is pumped into the waste water.
  3. Clarifier chamber where the clear, odorless effluent rises.
  4. Chlorinator the clear effluent passes through for disinfection*
  5. Holding tank for disinfected* effluent ready for discharge.
  6. Extremely quiet, efficient aerator and pump.
  7. Unique sold -state HOOT Control Center monitors and controls the system.
  8. Effluent Pump for drainfield.

*Where required


Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Inc. Logo

Consider the advantages of The Clearstream Home WasteWater System:


Sturdy fiberglass or concrete construction
Easy to install design
Long-Lasting non-corrosive components
Easy to service without digging in yard
Utilizes small pretreament tank for grease and trash removal


Long Life
Two-Year Warranty
Quiet Operation
Very low electrical usage
Installed outside tank to avoid flooding

Clearstream Treatment Unit

Clearstream requires that a trash trap (septic tank) be utilized in front of the Clearstream tank to keep grease, toxic household cleaners and other undesirable substances from upsetting the aerobic bacteria in the treatment tank and to keep maintenance costs at a minimum.

Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Inc. has long enjoyed an excellent reputation among environmental engineers, regulatory agencies and customers around the country.